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Offer Gift to Yourself

“Gifts can only be sent to you, which means that you cannot buy gifts to use them for yourself.”
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You, as a citizen, can offer gift to yourself, so it will be easier to get wellness. This technique using Firefox and Firebug, so download them first before using this technique.

First, open someone’s citizen profile, for example, open admin profile page at Then open your Firebug by pressing F12. Click the Inspect button on the top right of Firebug window, and then click the “Offer a gift” button.


In the Firebug window, you’ll see the highlighted source of the “Offer gift” button. On that line, you’ll see something like this: ‘onclick=”gift_donate(‘2’)”‘. The number maybe vary depends on the citizen profile you’re viewing. Change the number with your citizen ID. You can get your citizen ID from your profile URL. If your profile URL is then your ID is 7682901.

Edit with your ID

And then click the “Offer Gift” button again. Make sure that the Firebug “Inspect” button isn’t in pressed status. And viola, you’ve given the gift to yourself.

Gift sent to yourself

To see your wellness increment, just go to your profile page and refresh it.

Get Full Wellness from Q1 Hospital

With this technique, you can get 100% wellness even from Q1 Hospital.  This technique use Firefox, Firebug (Firefox add-on), and a little bit effort & knowledge.

I assumed you know how to go to hospital, so I don’t have to tell you about that. In the region page, before clicking the Heal button, press F12 to make Firebug appears.

Open the Firebug

Click the “Inspect” button on the top right side of the Firebug box. Then click the “Heal” button on the region page. It won’t heal you, but in the Firebug box, you’ll see the script source of the button highlighted.

Click the Inspect button
Click the Heal button

Then, still in the Firebug box, above the source script of that button, find line like this:

<input id=”quality” type=”hidden” bla bla bla… See?

At that line you’ll see something like this: value=”1″. The number maybe vary because it shows the quality of the hospital on the region.

Find the line

Click on the number, and Firebug will let you to edit it. Note that the wellness that you’ll get is ten times of that number, so if you edit that number to be 9, it means that you’ll get 90% wellness.

Edit the number

After edit that number, make sure that the “Inspect” button isn’t being pressed, then click the Heal button once more to get your wellness.

Get your Wellness


Some techniques provided in this site maybe illegal and prohibited by administrator of Erepublik. The use of them maybe cause admin ban you. So use them on your own risk.

Some of the posts is password protected, because it will deal a fatal damage if everybody applies the technique. If you feel you are worth enough to know the techniques, send an email to me: erepmaniac[at]gmail[dot]com